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Opening doors to university

In 2013, the Australian Government is funding an estimated 575,000 places at public universities. This allows an extra 190,000 more students to study compared to 2007.

Our goal is for 40 per cent of Australians, aged 25 to 34, to have a Bachelor degree or higher by 2025, and we’re well on track to achieve it.

In opening up university to more Australians through a demand-driven system, the Government also provides a range of support so students can reach their potential and leave with degrees that will set them up for productive, prosperous lives.

These stories celebrate the rich diversity of our students and show how they are benefiting from a quality higher education experience. Explore our case studies.


Make an informed choice about your future! MyUniversity provides students with a broad range of information about Australian universities and other higher education providers.

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Study Assist provides information to students about Australian Government assistance for financing tertiary study.

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